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Taizhou dingsheng advertising media co., ltd.
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  • Taizhou dingsheng advertising media co., ltd. was established in 2010, located in number 28-15,youth south road,Taizhou, registered capital of one million yuan, and its actual equipment investment of more than three million yuan.This company is a specialized in planning, undertaking various domestic and international conferences, exhibitions, and provide international services for these exhibitions and conferences.Since company established the first 3 years, it is mainly engaged in development and advertising media, set up the bathroom framework media, safe fire control information network elevator display media, and parts of south west railway station area outdoor big-name advertising carrier, etc..In 2014,company began to involve the business exhibition meeting activity planning, also put many sets of advertising printing equipment, to provide print for each brand service providers, for Wanda plaza, Huawei mobile phones, VIVO, Radar, KFC, Pizza hut, Huarui land, Greenland group, Nanjing bank, Postal bank brand enterprise provide (or indirectly provide second-hand sheet) for all kinds of advertising production services.Dingsheng advertising is one of the main suppliers of advertising screen in China pharmaceutical expo.

    Dingsheng advertising has 300 square meters of advertising equipment storage warehouse, engaged in convention and exhibition activities equipment display leasing, is Smax China’s total service operator in Taizhou and Yangzhou, to provide one-stop service for brand business activities inJiangsu.

    Industrial company has 300 square meters production workshop, production process and fine quality management standardization. The company has 3.2 meters UV coil spraying machine, high-precision outdoor photo machine, 3.2 meters and 1.8 meters of indoor and outdoor photo machine 5 digital printing machine, heat sublimation banners machine 2 sets, 1 thermal transfer machine and other high-end production equipment, and it is a professional high-end penhui photo production enterprises.

    Company has a high-quality executive team.The average working experience is more than 5 years, which effectively ensures the perfect execution of all kinds of orders and wins high praise from customers.






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4F,Block 2.No.165 South DongWu Road ,Suzhou. China

Our company is a professional portable exhibition equipment manufacturers, which set design, research and development, mold manufacturing, production, sales in one.

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 4F,Block 2.No.165 South DongWu Road ,Suzhou. China


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Company address4F,Block 2.No.165 South DongWu Road ,Suzhou. China

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